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HaulSist™ - Haulier Assistant

HaulSist™ is a RentUrApp™ application that allows hauliers to transfer information about milk collections and deliveries to their clients. The information gathered by HaulSist™ triggers payments to the milk producers based on the number of litres collected and delivered.

This data is transferred through a Web service securely updating the information on the clients server. HaulSist™ also stores information about the tankers and storage vessels used. Wizards intuitively guide you through any updates needed for your setup. The data that HaulSist™ holds is stored in the Cloud eliminating the requirement for local data storage.

Information is processed automatically by the HaulSist Scheduler™ when the data is retrieved from the truck on its final return to the transport depot.

Reports are automatically generated and sent to the collection depots if required.

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For more information, contact or phone 01788 523800 and speak to Wayne Russell

* Reports available in .pdf or .odt format